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mmmMonday and tasty Tuesday down.. what’s for dinner today?

January 7, 2009 by Victoria

Lunch on Monday was quite different to what I normally make: A spinach and walnut bake.. I think that anything ‘bake’ sounds very American. Sure enough it came from an American book thanks to the twitter christmas kringle.

mmm Spinach and walnut bake with green veggies

I’ve actually been sticking to the meal plan, so Monday was spag and no-meat balls. Super easy, with simple ingredients that were in the press anyways, and even tastier..Tuesday was dinner out in Yamamories, so no photos I’m afraid.. and today risotto.

Pasta and no-meatballs


  1. Melisser says:

    How funny, I think UK when I think “bake” & casserole for the US.

  2. Kevin says:

    I was looking for vegan friends in Dublin and just stumbled on your blog while searching for vegan info and groups in Ireland. Your recipes and blog is very inspiring and yummy. It is so encouragin to meet people who gives their heart and soul into what they love doing.
    Keep up the good work Victoria.

    Kevin :)

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