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Stuffed Peppers vs Chicken

November 11, 2008 by Victoria

You know sometimes you think up half of a meal, but it needs something extra. This is usually where my omni house-mates and say I need some chicken. It’s funny how many people still see chicken as some form of extended vegetable. Forget that! There is nothing better than a stuffed pepper! I’ve been pretty broke the last couple of moths so haven’t been buying nice bits and pieces to put together according to some tasty looking recipe in on of my many vegan cook books. Instead, most of our cooking has been done based on what is at hand. Peppers are the best vessel for those tasty odds and ends that you can’t bring yourself to just plopping down on a plate.

Stuffed Peppers and tasty Fries

So, rather than a recipe, here’s some ideas:

For one, pitta that is on it’s way out makes good crumbs, some walnuts if you have them, tomatoes of course to add both taste and moisture, and some onion, with whichever choice of herbs you prefer. Personally I’ve started to like a bit of spice more and more so some chilly powder, garlic salt and usually basil (which I add to everything), and the obligatory salt and pepper. Blend the lot, stuff the pepper and bake while you cook the rest of your food. Oh, and don’t forget always blanch your peppers before baking so that they’re nice and soft. Just pop them in boiling water for a few minutes.

Another day while cleaning out the freezer, I came across the ends of those packets of frozen veg. Boil them up until they’re nearly cooked, chop roughly. Start a frying pan with some olive oil and an onion, toss in your chopped veg, throw in a tin of tomatoes and your choice of seasoning, as well as some black eyed beans, or whichever beans you prefer.

Stuffed Pepper filling


  1. Glauce says:

    Hi, this is my first visit here and I’ll come back for sure. I just moved to Dublin. I’ll add this site at my blog to follow your updates ;-)

  2. Lee says:

    To make a chocolate “?” gently melt chocolate
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    kind will also work) til liquid, not hot!
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    Take a triangle piece of parchment or wax paper,
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  3. Kim says:

    Chocolate can be very hard to work with! I tried to make chocolate covered strawberries once for a shower and the chocolate seized on me and wouldn’t melt; it was awful! I think I either had the heat up too high (I was in a rush) or water got in with the chocolate; I think both things will cause seizing. Now I use the microwave to melt chocolate. It just takes a minute or less, depending on how much you have, and like one of the other posts says, stop heating it when there are still lumps and then stir to finish the melting. Easier than the cone (which works, but they can be tricky to roll up) you can use a baggie. Squoosh all the chocolate to one corner and cut off the tip. Pipe the chocolate into the shape of your choice on wax paper and allow to dry/harden. You can make all sorts of shapes this way!
    (And take this with a grain of salt; I’m still very inexperienced with working with chocolate, but I was successful with my chocolate covered strawberries recently!)

  4. Forbairt says:

    I see expensive herb jars .. you should really check out the likes of evergreen health food shops for your herbs :) and refill those jars … with those … ends up saving you a fortune.

  5. Mrs Adamson says:

    What can you tell me about the potatoes accompanying the stuffed peppers? They look so good! Thank You!

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