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Spotlight: The National Animal Rights Association

July 8, 2008 by Victoria

The National Animal Rights Association was officially formed one year ago, on 1st July 2007. I should qualify first, that I am not affiliated with them in anyway, but I received their yearly review. They have achieved such a great amount of positive change over the last year, that I wanted to share. If you are interested in getting more active in protesting for animal rights, they  are now a well established platform, and are always looking for more support. You can get more information on their upcoming demonstrations and other events on their website.

A highlight of their activities over the last year:

“N.A.R.A.’s Year in Review from 1st July 2007 – 1st July 2008″


  • 83 Demonstrations
  • 103 Leafleting Sessions
  • 13 Information Tables


  • We have sent out over 60 information packs (e.g. Fur Packs, Circus Packs, Vivisection Packs, Vegan Starter Packs and Campaigner Starter Packs)
  • And we have distributed a total of over 44,000 leaflets


  • Brown Thomas & BT2 stores nationwide
  • Sharpsville (Temple Bar, Dublin 2)
  • Flip (Temple Bar, Dublin 2)
  • HelterSkelter (Temple Bar, Dublin 2)
  • The Real McCoy (Temple Bar, Dublin 2)
  • Flairline Fashions (Pamela Scott & Richard Alan stores nationwide) *awaiting confirmation in writing


  • One Pico Restaurant (5-6 Molesworth Place Schoolhouse Lane, Dublin 2)
  • Bleu Bistro Restaurant (Joshua House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2)
  • L’Ecrivain (109a Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2)
  • South Bar and Restaurant (Beacon South Quarter, Blackthorn Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18)


  • Citi Bar & Lounge (Dame Street, Dublin 2) have now stopped using snakes as ”student night” entertainment
  • Decor (Wexford Street, Dublin 2) have stopped selling horns, animal skulls and fur rugs


  • Vegan
  • Foie Gras
  • Horse Racing


  • Our official website was launched in November, and has already gotten over 3200 hits.
  • We now have both Myspace and Bebo pages
  • We’re getting regular media and press coverage of our events, and interviews on our campaigns
  • Almost every day now, we are contacted by new people wanting to join our group
  • As part of our new Go Vegan! campaign, we are now sending out Vegan Starter Packs on a weekly basis
  • We are now supplying activists all over the country with campaign materials, and helping them to set up groups in their area.
  • Recently a branch of N.A.R.A. has been set up in Co. Limerick

Personally, I’m not a rights protester. I can’t, however, argue with the positive results that have come out of NARA’s campaigns over the last year, but it would be interesting to see how the people’s rather than companies perceptions have changed. There are a couple of issues at stake here. Protesting, and petitioning has indeed removed fur from shops, stopped foie gras being sold in Dublin restaurants,rescued snakes from being used in nightclub acts and has resulted in other positive outcomes. I would hope that this change in action will be reflected in a change in perception by the people that shop in these places. I can’t be sure. Say a women likes to buy fur, not just likes, but sees it as some sort of symbol of success, or power, or something else she feels qualifies her. Will she stop, buy something else, or will she go to a different shop? Personally, I am more interested in talking to people about my beliefs, having a conversation and presenting my argument. Changing perception and social belief, rather than changing actions of commercial businesses. Protesting does not seem to lend itself to getting the argument and reasoning across. Still, that’s my trouble with protesting, not with this organization. I applaud their successes, and hope that some of the rest of you who sympathize with them may find an outlet through helping them protect animal rights.

[All photos from the NARA official website]


  1. Deborah says:

    That’s awesome… in just a year! Fair play to them! I used to be very into a lot of those campaigns when I was a vegetarian! :)

    I wonder if they’d make more progress suggesting ethical alternatives. For instance there is a foie gras available from a producer in Spain who uses free range ducks and geese which are never force fed like their French counterparts. I bet if restaurants were made aware of an alternative instead of an outright ban they might be more responsive.

  2. Clementina Cubberley says:

    I dont see an ” ethical alternative ” here !!! These birds stil die at the hands of money grubbing excuses for human beings who profit from there blood ! Freerange is a lie anyway – free-range birds are kept on filthy strips of ground so cramped that in some instances they resort to cannibalism ! Subjecting other living creatures to confinement, pain and fear is NOT ethical an never can be , no matter what the details of the situation . do you get opponents of capital punishment quibbling over conditions for prisoners before they die ? if conditions were improved, would that justify the penalty ? Would we allow life imprisonment an execution for innocent humans, provided they were well treated beforehand ? NO NO NO !!!! restaurant owners dont need to be shown so-called “humane” methods of torture – they need to be closed down asap !!! i hate people suggesting we should campaign for humane slaughter houses instead of veganism an that sort of thing – exploiting animals is wrong however its done . it doesnt need to be improved, it needs to be stopped !
    About making good progress though – quite ! why not turn back into a vegetarian an come an help ???!

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